Plastic Laminate Cabinets in Austin, TX

Turn to Commercial Cabinets of Austin for leading-edge storage solutions that maximize the functionality of any workspace. When the cabinets you have at your establishment have outlived their usefulness, the time is right for a new way of doing things. Get new plastic laminate cabinets in Austin, TX, today.

Schedule a design consultation today and see how we can increase the available space in your office while still providing you the storage options your employees need. As the cabinets begin to fade and fail at your business, you may postpone a replacement project due to the potential for downtime. The design team and the contractors at our company offer you an alternative.

While others in this business may arrive at your business during working hours with an assortment of boards and hinges to assemble later, our group takes the time to assemble your new cabinets at our shop before beginning the installation process. From start to finish, you get the support you need from a company that shares your values.

Your Design Consultation

We come directly to your location to get the most accurate measurements possible. With a clear understanding of the space and the available sightlines, our designers can craft a concept that fits your space and your corporate décor. We give you the option of customized design, or you can choose from a number of existing concepts from other clients. We build the workspace cabinets you need, including:

Break Room Cabinets
Classroom Cabinets
Conference Room Cabinets
Copy Room Cabinets   
Dental Cabinets
File Cabinets
Jewelry Cabinets
Medical Cabinets          
Office Cabinets
Reception Cabinets
Salon Cabinets
School Cabinets           
Spa Cabinets
Storage Room Cabinets
Teller Line Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets of Austin – Cabinetmaker Austin, TX

An Efficient Approach

Your new custom-built cabinets are fabricated at our shop. So when we arrive to complete the cabinet installation, we get things done quickly. Many of our clients have businesses to run, so they cannot have their factory floors covered in building supplies for an extended amount of time.